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  • Pneu 27,5 x 2.40 Kenda Nexcavator Pro

Nexcavator Pro K1095

The culmination of Eric Carter’s riding captured in one tire. Designed for the rider who prefers a more open tread pattern with center knobs that have been designed to open up and bite. This provides a ton of grip and space for the tire to shed mud and loamy trails. We also used this tire to test and develop our RSR compound and have quickly become one of the favorites for our professional downhill teams and riders.
  • A distinctive biting edge that will cut into the terrain, holding the tire in place as you arc through a turn
  • Great design for dry or wet conditions
  • (650B) 27.5x2.40 size available.

    The DHC begins with an added layer of the woven CAP ply under the tread that also covers the sidewalls of the tire down to the bead. This is further reinforced by including butyl inserts above the bead for extra sidewall stability, rim protection, and reducing the chance of pinch flats

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Pneu 27,5 x 2.40 Kenda Nexcavator Pro

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